Professional Translation

Our professional translation agency’s mission is to help you use translation as an effective communication and business promotion tool.  Whatever the type of document to be translated, we can help you.  We address translation projects keeping localization considerations in mind: cultural customization, the target audience, and SEO (referencing and indexing) for Web sites.

We want to make sure that the translated document conveys a strong, concise message for your business.  A message that can attract new customers, capture new markets, improve your business’s profile and brand image.

To achieve this goal, our translation service relies on an experienced team of translators, proofreaders and terminologists that can meet your tightest deadlines.

For large projects, a special team is dedicated to harmonizing the terminology. We build a reference glossary, which our translators use to ensure maximum consistency of the final result.

Document Transfer Procedure

You have a project or text to be translated or revised?  The transfer procedure is as follows.  Send us your text by e-mail to, specifying all your requirements.  We respond with a firm and final estimate, stating the price, deadline and any other relevant information. Once the estimate is accepted, Finest Translations performs the requested translation within the shortest possible time frame.  Once the translation is completed, you are sent the final result by e-mail along with an invoice.  You can then pay for work done by check, PayPal, EFT or any other mutually greed preferred means.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services or you would like to receive an estimate.