Location, languages ​​and export

According to statistics from the UK Department of Trade, Innovation and Skills (UKTI), firms with an international presence improve their productivity by 34% and are 12% more likely to follow those who do not export. According to these same statistics, exporting companies deduce that exports promote innovation.

However, it is important to also determine the language to use to communicate with your foreign customers. Contrary to popular belief, only 27% of Internet users speak English, and 85% of online customers prefer to communicate in their own language to make purchases. Therefore, it would be wise to translate certain documents or your website into the respective language of your clients in order to effectively communicate with your foreign non-English speaking clientele.

English, French, German, Russian and Italian are the most translated languages ​​in the world. However, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Korean and Japanese have the fastest translation rates and cover more than 55% of Internet users.

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