Mandarin Chinese Translation

China’s economic weight in global economic exchanges makes the translation of Mandarin Chinese increasingly important. Yet, Chinese disputes the supremacy of English as the most used language on the web.

Mandarin Chinese Translation

The translation of Mandarin Chinese thus becomes an important issue. Finest Translations has followed the trend by building a highly professional team to translate Mandarin Chinese to other languages and vice versa.

Why This Designation of Mandarin Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese (very often called simply Chinese) is the most spoken language in the world because of China’s high population, Chinese diaspora abroad, trade with China, and growing popularity for this language and Chinese cultures.

However, even though it is now taught to all Chinese, some older Chinese do not speak Mandarin, but dialects of Mandarin or other Chinese languages, such as Cantonese or Shanghainese (Hans languages), or Chinese  other linguistic groups, such as those spoken by the different ethnic groups of China: Tibetan, Mongol, Manchu, Tajik, Uighur, etc.

Mandarin, which the communist leaders of the People’s Republic of China designated as the lingua franca of their entire nation (hence the term 普通話 pǔtōnghuà, “common language”), was first that of Chinese communities in the north of China country and administration.

Mandarin Chinese Translation around the world 

Mandarin Chinese is the translation of Simplified Chinese, which is the native language of nearly a billion people, and is by far the most spoken in the world, far ahead of the French-speaking world. However, it is not the most translated because the vast majority of interactions in this language occur within China, which reduces the number of translation requests.

Do you have a project, a document or a Chinese text to translate?

Do you have a project, a document or a text to translate into Chinese?


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