Audio description service

Sound audio description is a distinct narrative audio track that describes important visual content, making it accessible to people who cannot see the video.

Blind people can understand much of the content of a video by listening to the audio. However, if a video includes content presented only visually (for example, on-screen text or key actions that are not obvious from audio/images?), this visual information must be described to be accessible to people who cannot see them, blind and visually impaired.

Other benefits of audio description

Although audio description was originally designed for the blind or visually impaired, it has proven beneficial to a much wider audience.

The concise and objective translation of visual content promotes a new way of learning through hearing aids and can help language development professionals improve learning outcomes and strengthen writing skills.

Audio description can also help people with autism that has difficulty recognizing emotional signals.

Our services

Finest Translations offers high-quality audio description services at an affordable price, allowing blind and visually impaired audiences to enjoy your content via streaming networks, streaming services and Blu-Ray/DVD discs.

The final product

At the end of the process, we generate either an audio file with mixed soundtrack and description, or an audio version of the video; the audio described replacing the audio of the original program.

In both cases, audio description is made available to users with the words “Available also with audio description.”