Subtitle consists of converting the audio content of a television program, a webcast, a film, a video, a CD-ROM, a DVD, a live event and other productions in text and display the text on a screen or monitor..

Subtitles not only represent words as the textual equivalent of spoken dialogue or narration, but they also include speaker identification, sound effects, and music description.

Subtitles are textual versions of the audio content, synchronized with the video. They are essential for making your video accessible.

Reasons to choose our services:

Speed, security and high quality

Finest Translations provides subtitles with time codes (00:00:00) for original and translated content, which can be used to easily edit audio and video sequences in a foreign language.

Our skilled team has the skills to accurately caption your content. With a proven track record of fast, secure and high quality service, we always offer the best value for your money.

We can afford any type of subtitling: :

  • Subtitling YouTube videos
  • Subtitling videos on your web page
  • Subtitling your videos on Facebook
  • Subtitling your videos in LinkedIn
  • Subtitling your dvd
  • Subtitling your film

The final product

At the end of the process, we generate a subtitle file in the required format. Most of our subtitle files are plain text files with time codes indicating start and end times. However, there are different types of subtitle files with slight variations in their syntax.

Once we’re done with the subtitle file, the final step is to add that file to your video. How we do this and the types of subtitle files supported depend on where your video is hosted.

Our services are always accompanied by a multilingual translation component for your complete satisfaction.

Do you have a media to subtitle in one or more languages?