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Online training course

Do you provide online training courses? Do you really want to increase your overall sales? If this is the case, you should translate your lessons into another language. Unless you can do the translation yourself, it would be a good idea to hire specialists to translate your learning materials, PDF documents and notes into the …

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Mandarin Chinese Translation

China’s economic weight in global economic exchanges makes the translation of Mandarin Chinese increasingly important. Yet, Chinese disputes the supremacy of English as the most used language on the web. The translation of Mandarin Chinese thus becomes an important issue. Finest Translations has followed the trend by building a highly professional team to translate Mandarin …

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Notice of new services

Mrs. and Mr, Finest Translations is pleased to announce the launch of its video marketing, subtitling and transcription services. According to studies on these topics, captioning and video translation increase the number of views on social networks and YouTube by more than 13%. Not to mention the positive impact on SEO. I kindly ask you …

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Location, languages ​​and export

According to statistics from the UK Department of Trade, Innovation and Skills (UKTI), firms with an international presence improve their productivity by 34% and are 12% more likely to follow those who do not export. According to these same statistics, exporting companies deduce that exports promote innovation. However, it is important to also determine the …

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What is a FAQ? What is the cost of translating to Finest Translations? How long does it take to complete a translation? What about confidentiality? Does the translation come with a translation memory? Q: What is an FAQ? A: FAQ is an acronym for Forum Aux Questions. Q: What is the cost of translating at …

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