Closed captions

Closed captions

Closed captions

The transcription service of Finest Translations provides a text version of the content of an audiovisual media. Our transcription captures audio, as well as on-screen text and essential visual information descriptions that would otherwise not be accessible without viewing the video.

Our transcripts make your video content accessible to everyone, including people who cannot watch the video due to accessibility issues or technical limitations.

They are also useful for people who want to quickly scan or search the content of a video, but do not have the time to watch the entire video.

Some reasons to choose our company

 The work is done by humans
 Our experts work in their native languages
We perform more than 80 languages and dialects
 Serving any industry
 Personalized customer service
 Affordable prices

Speed, security and high quality

Finest Translations provides transcripts with time codes (00:00:00) for original and translated content, which can be used to easily edit audio and video sequences in a foreign language.

Our skilled transcriptionists have the skills to accurately transcribe your content. With a proven track record of fast, secure and high quality service, we always offer the best value for money.

We can perform any type of transcription

YouTube video transcription
Transcription of videos on your web page
Transcript of videos on Facebook
Video transcription in LinkedIn
Dvd transcription
Transcription of film

Quality services

Whatever type of industry you operate in, Finest Translations is able to meet all your needs. We place customer satisfaction at the heart of our strategy by offering affordable prices and high quality procedures.

Our services are always accompanied by a translation component in more than 80 languages for your complete satisfaction.

Do you want to transcribe any media?

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