Document Types

  • Technical Document Translation
  • Website and Software Localization
  • General documents
  • Marketing
  • E-business
  • Legal document translation
  • Medical document Translation



Product Evaluation Text Service evaluation texts Information Articles Comparative texts Tutorials Table Listing

General document

Texts of a general nature; Administrative documents; Press releases; Books Audiovisual documents Reports Theses Memoirs

Legal document

Unofficial documents Management report Commercial contract Commercial lease Minutes Confidentiality agreement Official documents Curriculum vitae Birth certificate Marriage certificate Foreign diplomas foreign certificates Reference letter

Medical document

 Medical documents Patient Information Sheets Medical history report Medical test Mental examination Preoperative reports Pharmaceutical industry Industrial chemicals Drug substances  

Mix Marketing Content

Mix marketing  content Inbound marketing; displays; Product catalogs; packaging; PowerPoint documents.

Technical document

User’s Guide; Employee manual; Reference Manual; Engineering Documents Technical plan; Procedures manual; Patents; Product sheets; PowerPoint presentation document.

Website & Software

Website blog Advertising content Social media content Software; Help files