Agricultural and forestry industry
This includes machinery and all farming systems.
tech translation
Finest Translations is a world leader in the field of technical translation.
website translation
Finest Translations provides a website translation service that meets the highest professional standards.
economic and financial translation
Professional translation of economic and financial documents has many constraints.
legal translation
Our legal translation service applies quality standards control procedures through all our translations.
medical translation
Medical translation page.
Our experts are attentive to different cultural standards so that your content is effectively understood by the target audiences.
Our proofreading service consists of reviewing and correcting errors in paper documents and electronic media.
technical services
Our DTP teams are specialized in the layout of complex documentation related to translation, graphic design and graphic localization projects.
translation memory
Translation memory allows storing and reusing sentence segments.
closed captions
Closed captions represent words as the textual equivalent of spoken dialogue identify speaker, sound effects, and music description.
audiovisual translation
Our captions also include speaker identification, sound effects and music description.
interpretation by phone
Our professional interpreters translate your message efficiently, quickly and accurately.
videoconference interpretation
The main advantage of video-conference interpretation is the drastic in costs reduction.
interpretation booth
In the room, the speaker uses a microphone, the interpreter hears the speech in his headphones and returns the message almost instantly to the microphone.