Interpreting of video conferencing

What is a video conferencing?

Video conferencing consists in communicating visually and with sound, with a remote party. Video conferencing is used to conduct meetings in which you can present information, share documents and applications, and collaborate with others. Video-interpretation is the interpretation that occurs during the videoconferencing

Advantage of video interpreting

The main advantage of the video-interpretation is the drastic reduction of costs. Indeed, the movement of an employee is not just the cost of the air ticket.

There is also the cost of accommodation, food, incidental expenses but especially his salary. If a for a meeting that lasts three hours  your employee must spend two days in a foreign country where he did not master the language, this meeting is going to cost you two days of salary instead of three hours.

Not only the video interpretation will allow you to reduce costs, but will also allow your staff to focus on the essentials and not wasting time. The three-hour meeting will last three hours and the rest of two days, your employee will continue his work at the office instead of spending on transportation.

Using phone and e-mail are good but audiovisual interactivity is even better. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Other benefits using  interpreting by video-conference

  • The video interpretation allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and give the image of an innovative company in tune with the times.
  • And then you can put you in tune with your partner and create a bond of sympathy…
  • Take the plane and car for your travel issues a lot of CO ² and thus participate in global warming
  • With video conferencing you participate in the reduction of carbon emissions and become an environmentally responsible company.
  • It is that simple and good for your image.

Do you need an interpreter?

If you intend to use the services of interpreters, please contact us to discuss details. We will find for you an interpreter living close to the place of your business or event to save on costs and travel time. Thanks our extensive database, we are able to provide interpreters in many cities! Contact us before your book business trip abroad and let us handle language issues for you.