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Translating into American English means working with the language (English: American English, IETF en-US label) which refers to all the dialects and accents of the spoken and written English language in the United States of America.
The differences between General American (United States Standardized English) and Received Pronunciation (English Standardized in the United Kingdom) that have been the most studied are phonological differences and, to a lesser extent, differences in vocabulary and pragmatics. There are grammatical differences as well.

The differences between American English and British English are mostly minor differences in spelling and vocabulary; the most obvious differences are the spelling differences.

Translate into Canadian English

Translating Canadian English into other languages does not present too many contrasts compared to American English. Canadian English is the dialectal variant of spoken English in Canada.

It incorporates uses of British English, American English, Canadian French and its own origin. In fact, linguists divide spoken English in Canada into several varieties.

Translate to British English

Translating British English is not a big deal in North America. British English is not the reference in the United States, a so-called Anglo-American language has been common since the mid-nineteenth century.

Nowadays, in the United States schools as in the graphic charts of the publishing houses and the American newspapers, a non-British use is recommended and strongly followed.

However, as part of our content adaptation specialty, we adapt documents from British English to American and Canadian English.

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