Our proofreading service consists in searching and trapping errors in both paper-bound and electronic documents. This includes:

Audiovisual and digital media, paper and electronic documents 


  • Website
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Application
  • Video
  • The audio
  • Power point
  • Technical document
  • Financial document
  • Legal document
  • Medical document
  • Agricultural document

We detect and correct errors such as omissions, typos, misspellings, absent or faulty punctuation. Our objective is to improve your written documents’ formatting, style and accuracy, without altering their contents. Our proofreading service comprises two aspects:

Uni-lingual text revision service

What is the uni-lingual revision? It aims to improve the original version of a text by providing corrections to grammatical errors:








This service is primarily intended for companies, authors and copywriters. Masters and doctoral degree students who wish to have their theses revised can also benefit.

Bilingual text revision service

This service is available either as a full, self-standing service for businesses and individuals or as an optional ad hoc service provided with any translation project.

We perform a double task throughout the revision process. The aspect of “translation” per se is the first to be considered. Our editors compare the target document in revision with the source document to correct any translation errors. Thereafter, we handle the linguistic aspect exhaustively.

In other words, our editors ensure compliance with the rules of translation in any document our clients entrust us with. Most of the steps listed in the unilingual review (correcting language errors) are also carried out here:



Proofreading is the final step in our translation/revision process. This is the last read over of the translated text and layout. It takes place as part of the quality control phase.

This work is particularly demanding. It requires concentration, discernment and judgement at all times. Errors that the reviser fails to detect during this phase will be printed.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the facets we examine:

Characters, pagination, titles and subtitles, text justification, notes, quotation, captions associated with photos, tables, illustrations, lists and index, table of contents.

Quality from from beginning to end

Wherever possible, our experienced editors prepare documents using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function, which allows you to move easily between the changes and accept some or all of the correction proposed by the reviser. The corrections, comments and suggestions are shown on the margins and can be easily integrated into your document.

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