Simultaneous interpretation

The interpreter is in a soundproof booth interpretation. He works alternately with colleagues.

simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

In the room, the speaker uses a microphone, the interpreter hears the speech in his headphones and returns the message almost instantly to the microphone. Each participant selects the appropriate language in which they wish to listen to the interpretation channel.

The job of the interpreter is to communicate a message effectively, quickly and accurately. The interpreter is neutral and bound by a confidentiality agreement. He or she is a communicator language-culture that can provide useful information about the country and the foreign culture. Interpreters are highly qualified individuals, often working under tremendous pressure.

Do you need an interpreter?

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The services are billed either per hour, half day or full day, and a minimum fee may apply. Often, travel and / or accommodation are charged with the mission of interpretation. We can also help you organize all the necessary equipment for conference interpreting.