Technical services

Over time, Finest Translations has developed a variety of expertise following the accelerated computerization of the translation process and the layout of documents. We offer technical translation assistance services in the following areas:


Complex Word,
Layout adjustment (fonts, pages, TDM (Table of Contents), numbering, tables, etc.),
Other formats,
PowerPoint, Excel, Quark, FrameMaker; Publisher; Illustrator; InDesign. Adjustment / adaptation of the layout (fonts, pages, TDM, numbering, tables, etc.)


We offer a document preparation and post-processing service that has format incompatibility issues with CAT software.
Indeed, some documents require Prepping before translation. This involves converting these files into acceptable interchange formats before it can be supported by translation tools.
Finest translations offers its expertise in the case of complex formats and graphics. We prepare files for translation and post-processing:
• Extraction and integration of contents (XML, HTML, RESOURCES, Xcliff, IDML, etc.)
• Validation of files (XML, HTML, RESOURCES, Xcliff, IDML, etc.)

Supported languages

Check out our table of supported languages here

What are our tools?

We use a computer assisted translation (CAT) software and drawing software,
TAO Software Drawing Software,
Adobe Trados Studio 2017, Adobe InDesign,
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator,
Microsoft Publisher, Photoshop,
Microsoft Office 2016, QuarkXPress,
Corel Ventura, Autocad.

At Finest translations, we take your image and your communication to heart.


Translation memory

The translation memory makes it possible to store sentence segments and to reuse them. It saves time for the translator; the client saves money and keeps the new translations consistent with the old ones. We can do any kind of translation memory intervention, mainly: • Local translation memory creation, • Creation of translation memory on server, …