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Technical translation

Technical translation refers to the translation of various types of specialized documents most often written by technical writers or scientists. This specialty requires high-level knowledge of the subject and mastery of the appropriate terminology.

As a general rule, we can translate any document relating to technological areas or texts dealing with the practical Application of scientific knowledge highly specialized fields such as:

We can use various specialized software such as computer-assisted translation (CAT) and desktop publishing (DTP) tools.

Because precision and accuracy are vital requirements in these fields, we also use our translation memory to ensure uniform style and terminology.

A non-exhaustive list of important documents we translate :

space Engineering

Space Engineering

User’s Guide;
Employee manual;
Reference Manual;
Engineering Documents
Technical plan;
Procedures manual;
Products catalogue;
Product sheets;
Packaging of products;
PowerPoint presentation document;
Business documents.


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Areas of expertise

Manufacturing industry,

Electronics and services industries,

Engineering and aeronautics,


Engineering and related services industries,

Surveying and mapping services industries,

Design services industries,


Scientific and technical consulting services industries,

Scientific research and development services industries,

Advertising services industries.