Translations memory

The translation memory makes it possible to store sentence segments and to reuse them. It saves time for the translator; the client saves money and keeps the new translations consistent with the old ones. We can do any kind of translation memory intervention, mainly:

• Local translation memory creation
• Creation of translation memory on server
• Local translation memory creation from aligned documents (files), “Alignment of reference material in order to build a translation memory”
• Conversion of translation memory from one format to another                                                                •Update translation memories, export, and clean, incorporate changes
• Translation memories are delivered of on request

Who are our services aimed at?

  • Private companies (banks, insurance companies, transportation companies, aeronautics companies, etc.)
  • Educational institutions
  • Publishers
  • Multimedia companies
  • Media (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, Internet)
  • Small translation companies
  • Translation and proofreading freelancers

Contact us! We will be happy to work with you and make you benefit from our wide expertise at very affordable costs.